Friday, April 29, 2005

Welcome Message

Welcome to "Unlocking the Power of Pricing". This is the blog of Sans Prix Pty Ltd, a Strategic Pricing Consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia.

It offers a range of off-the-shelf pricing solutions, as well as tailor-made consultancy services to companies large and small.

Although based in Melbourne, Sans Prix will work anywhere in Australia, or the world. We have even delivered pricing solutions to clients electronically on the other side of the world, without jumping on a plane. We have experience in a wide range of industries, gained in places as diverse as Australia, the UK, Europe, USA, India, and various countries across South-East Asia.

Sans Prix is of the view that the “80/20” rule applies in pricing: 80% of an organisation’s pricing is ‘universal’, and 20% is unique to that firm. Sans Prix’s client list symbolises both the globalisation and the universality of the art and science of pricing.

You can read more about Sans Prix by clicking here