Tuesday, December 11, 2007

There are known known's...

The annual Plain English Awards have just been handed out in the UK. Some of the winners appear on the BBC's website, where readers can also put forward their interpretation on what companies are trying to say.

The gong that is currently attracting the most re-interpretation relates to (I think) Virgin Train's pricing structure...

"Moving forwards, we at Virgin Trains are looking to take ownership of the flow in question to apply our pricing structure, thus resulting in this journey search appearing in the new category-matrix format. The pricing of this particular flow is an issue going back to 1996 and it is not something that we can change until 2008 at the earliest. I hope this makes the situation clear."

Click here (then scroll down) to see what people think this might mean.

[Thank you to one of the frequent readers of this blog for emailing me this story]