Sunday, July 08, 2007

Every now and then, a book comes along which remedies a neglected or misunderstood topic with its clear, concise and commonsense approach. The Shredder Test is one of these books. Although it can be read in a few hours, it is equally likely to sit on the bookshelf of anyone involved in writing proposals as a handy reference for years to come. I will certainly be adopting many of the books recommendations immediately.

One of the advantages of spending 24hrs on a flight from Australia to the UK (or the other way round) is that you can catch up on some long overdue reading. On one recent such flight, I had the pleasure of reading Robyn Haydon’s book The Shredder Test.

This book presents a methodological approach to putting together proposals to win you business, either in a tendering or a negotiation environment. Combine Robyn’s approach with some successful B2B pricing strategies, and you should have a winning formula.

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