Friday, August 10, 2007

Pricing Nostalgia

This week’s blog posting is all about pricing nostalgia. You may recall my posting back in November last year about the price of U2 tickets….in 1984 ($19.90).
Well during the week, I stumbled across a website with a fantastic name ( which sells T-shirts with old (and some not-so-old) concert tickets printed on them.

There have been many reasons put forward for concert ticket price inflation over the years. Some authors have blamed The Eagles (people were always going to pay once Hell Froze Over), while others suggest that as sales of recorded music has declined (thanks to Napster, and more recently iTunes), artists have re-balanced their revenue stream, by increasing live performance ticket prices and thus revenue.

It’s great to flick through the t-shirt designs on offer on this website, and not only see some of the prices (Woodstock at $8 per day, or $24 for all three days – perhaps bundling hadn’t been invented then?) as well as some of the support acts (Bob Dylan with Eric Clapton and his Band).


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