Thursday, September 13, 2007

One year

A couple of years ago, the online travel portal, Expedia, posted a price of $2 - $4 per night for a stay at the Tokyo or Osaka Hilton. Unfortunately for the person who booked a one year stay at one of the properties, the error was not honoured.

But here's an interesting story from The Daily Telegraph of a couple who have been living in Travelodge properties for the last 22 years. Turns out their move has been cheaper than aged care.

Having stayed in many Travelodge properties on my travels through the UK, I wouldn't say 22 years was my kettle of fish. But the Davidson's obviously don't mind it...

''It doesn't get much better than that does it? We only have to walk across the car park for meals as there is a Little Chef here too.''

''Our room looks out to the car park and a busy slip road where lorries pass by throughout the night.''

Good luck to them. What the pricing moral of this story? Be aware of who your competitors are, event the indirect competitors and substitues, as well as their prices.

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